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    RunnoW Paladin Tanking Build For SDN


    RunnoW Paladin Tanking Build For SDN Empty RunnoW Paladin Tanking Build For SDN

    Post  Guest on Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:34 am

    IGN : Runnow (paladin)
    HP/MP : 94213/40811
    DEF : 6332 (75% damage reduction)
    MDEF : 6393 (76% damage reduction)
    Ice Def : 33.19% (With Cow Raiser Title)

    +11 Fighter's Galero ~Water ~(Int/Vit/MaxHP)
    +11 Fighter's Armor ~HP ~(Int/Vit/MaxHP)
    +11 Fighter's Trousers ~HP ~(Str/Vit/MaxHP)
    +11 Fighter's Cuffs ~HP ~(Str/Vit/MaxHP)
    +11 Fighter's Shoes ~HP ~(Str/Vit/MaxHP)
    +10 Apocalypse Flail ~Hero ~(AP/Str/Int)
    +10 Apocalypse Shield ~HP ~(Str/Int/MaxHP/MaxMP)

    Tough Kobaltina Necklace ~(MaxMP/LightDef/DarkDef/IceDef)
    Tough Kobaltina Earrings ~(Str/Vit/MaxHP)
    Skills Sylvie Ana Ring ~Provoke +1 ~(AP/Str/Int)
    Skills Sylvie Ana Ring ~Elemental Aura +1 ~(AP/Str/Int)

    Heraldy Enhancement ~ Epic:
    Health ~3rd stat mdef
    Life vitality ~3rd stat def
    Shining ~3rd stat mdef
    Tent ~3rd stat MaxHP
    Destruction ~3rd stat mdef
    Bear ~3rd stat def
    Wise ~3rd stat def
    Energy ~3rd stat def

    Heraldy Skill ~ Epic:
    Divine Avatar ~Buff Duration
    Block ~Cooldown
    Provoke ~Debuff Duration
    Heal ~Heal Rate +3%

    Heraldy Special Skill:
    Arbtrium Heraldy ~(Hound Strike)

    Skills Build:

    Few Tips On Tanking ~SDN:
    ~Focus on Def/Mdef for damage reduction, the higher your damage reduction %,
    the lesser damage u get.
    ~Focus on IceDef as it will reduce damage from Serpenta Rotating Breathe if u
    are taking the RB.
    ~Focus on HP, more HP mean more heal.
    ~Use your invincible skills wisely (Divine Avatar, Block, Iron Will, Stance Of
    Faith, Shield Charge)
    ~Use provoke wisely, hardest part for me Smile
    ~Know the nature of each stage fight,what skills bosses use and how to avoid
    ~Learn the art of eating prata Twisted Evil SO FIERCE~!!! RAWR~!!!


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    RunnoW Paladin Tanking Build For SDN Empty Re: RunnoW Paladin Tanking Build For SDN

    Post  Aspenach on Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:02 am

    Thanks for sharing your build I believe a lot of palas in the future will benefit. Smile

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