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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Livid Isle Stage 2 (Random)


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     Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Livid Isle Stage 2 (Random) Empty Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Livid Isle Stage 2 (Random)

    Post  Aspenach on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:52 am

    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Livid Isle Stage 2 (Random)

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    Stage has 2 random selection, its either Livid Isle or another island with the suction effect. I will cover that once I have a video of it.

    Livid Isle

    Left Click - to activate switch

    Basic Formation:
    Choose any 4 players to be the one operating the switches. There are 4 colour switches namely Green, Blue, Red and White. My personal preference is Green colour if you are the Raid Leader giving the commands.

    The Switches need to be pressed in accordance to the colour of the mobs appearing in sequence within a time frame of 7s. Always look at the colour switch before you to know when its your turn to press. For example if the mobs sequence of appearance is Green>Red>White>Blue and if you are on the White Switch, look at the Red Switch before you.

    Failure to activate the switch will trigger a negative debuff on all team mates.
    First Sequence Fail - All CD of skills will be 10 times
    Second Sequence Fail - All Attack Damage of team mates is reduce by 50%
    Third Sequence Fail - Friendly Fire on for 40s

    In the event that Friendly Fire is triggered, Pala provoke all the bigger mobs to yourself and on Stance of Faith or Block. The rest of the team mates just do your best to avoid the mobs and do not use any attack skills. The debuff will last for 40s so just wait it out.

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