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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cerberus Stage 4


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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cerberus Stage 4 Empty Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cerberus Stage 4

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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cerberus Stage 4

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    At the starting of the stage, there will be 2 paths that you can choose to attack the Cerb. The Raid Leader will decide on which path the team will occupy to attack the Cerb. Main Tank please stay behind to provoke the Cerberus and lead him into the path where your team mates are.

    Basic Formation:
    The 2 Palas will need to lure the Cerberus and bring him to the most inside portion of the path that your team mates are at. The Paladins once on the inside, maintain provoke and ensure that the rest of your team mates are facing the butt of the Cerberus.

    Priest cast your imba wall of relics and the remaining 6 team mates stay behind the wall of relic to attack the Cerberus.

    While the team is running into the designated path by the Raid Leader. You will see Black Shadows, it is always the priority to kill those Black Shadows first as they deal high amount of damage to anyone nearby to them. The Shadows will aim to move to the back of the path where the team came from and into a Black Portal, where they explode doing 150k damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby.

    As for the Cerberus, aggro needs to be maintain on the Paladins and should the aggro be lost, its very visible. The Cerberus will turn around and howl to push all party members backwards hopefully into the Black Portal behind where Black Shadows are awaiting to explode. When the DPS realise that aggro is lost, please go to the Holy Tree(its either on the right or left side depending on which path you took) so that when the Cerberus Howl, the tree will block you from flying to the back.

    Towards the 1.5HP bar of the Cerberus, Spiral Gravity Balls will be emitted from the Cerberus dealing massive amount of damage to everyone nearby. To counter this, Priests need to maintain the wall of relic and Force User please time acc the priest towards this HP bar of the Cerberus. Miracle Relics should be dropped in succession by the two priests when the boss HP reaches 1.5HP. All DPS please stay within the MR to deal damage.


    Key Classes to take note:
    - Paladins
    Maintain aggro on the Cerberus
    - Priests
    Make up the wall of relic to absorb damage from the boss and heal any team mates if their health is low.
    - Force User
    Basically the Force User is tie to the Priests and whenever you see the Priest drops a MR or heal relic time accelerate them.
    - Mercenary
    Super Armor Buff your team mates when the boss Hp reaches 1.5HP bar or when aggro is lost to prevent any of your team mates been blown to the back of the path.
    Highland at 1.5HP bar, there is no need to save Highland so just use even though your team mates hp is still full.

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