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    SDN To Do Checklist Empty SDN To Do Checklist

    Post  Pele.aka.Jackal on Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:35 pm

    SDN CHECKLIST (General)

    **This will only remind you what to do, not how to dodge the dragon’s attacks.

    Phase 1, 20x HP ~ 18.25x HP (normally we like to say 19.25)
    Immediately run to the side of the map to avoid first Dragon Breath.

    use long ranged skill to damage the dragon or hit his head or claw when he do skills
    Paladin engage the dragon.
    Priest cast Lightning Relic & heal when necessary.

    Ice Claw: Slow down on hit, Priest must cast Cure Relic to avoid team getting wiped by Dragon Breath should the time to breath is near
    Peck: All must take note if you have less than 60k HP it is as good as 1 hit KO.
    The dragon will start pecking the side of the map after 19x HP. Be sure to use Blink / Tumble / Sidewalk to avoid getting hit. (Alternatively, Highland to avoid getting killed or Miracle relics to reduce the damage.)
    Dragon Breath: Occurs every 1 minute, start running when you see the dragon starting to fly or when raid leader calls for back

    Take a rest when the dragon flies away @ 18.25. Regen MP, wait for skills to cooldown! You won’t have a chance to rest once you step inside the portal!!

    Phase 2, 18x HP ~ 16.25 HP
    Assign 3 cannoneers namely cannon 1, 3 and 5 (preferably low hp/def char, and cannon 1 and 5 hae running capability skill)
    Buff up & have Warrior cast Highland before entering the portal.
    All run left and overlap
    Priest cast Miracle Relic and Block (Rem block after relic is down) immediately after team have overlap making sure it covers the team location

    After the ice flakes cannoneers proceed to cannon via perimeter of map, cannon 3 and 5 try not to walk too close to cannons if not cannon 1 might be hit by spikes
    Others should spread out and stand behind, clear out the spawning monsters.
    Some spots when spikes will not spawn monster so do find it out urself the spot you are assign to
    1 Paladin should stay behind and provoke monsters away from the Cannoneers.

    Note for Cannoneers:
    Dragon will summon 5x Ice Cubes once a while. Be sure to shoot at them when they spawn. Takes 6-7 normal shots or 1 power shot (Right click)+ 3 normal shot to destroy.
    If by any chance you can’t destroy the Ice Cubes, inform your team mates to run away. (You have to run as well.... Current discovered area is a small area infront of cannon 1)
    When the dragon is about to reach 16.5 HP, Cannoneer Slow down to trigger 4th wave of meteor, after that cannon 3 should leave te cannon to join the teameither on left or right, at the same time those at back should gather and overlap as dive will be anytime, continue to shift ur position if spikes and overlap if ice flakes
    Cannoneer 1 & 5,should continue shooting at the dragon. Get off the cannon and run to your Left or right once the dragon is about to dive! (Take note of the top right portrait of the dragon, there WON’T be red glows when it is ready to dive.)

    Ice Flakes: Black eye icon will appear on someone. Either stick extremely close to each other or run as far as you can.

    Phase 3, 16x ~ 14.25 HP
    Paladin (Main Tank) run to original Cannon 1 position and provoke the dragon.
    Paladin (Sub Tank) stand at Cannon 3 position and ready to provoke if the dragon’s aggro is not on Main Tank.
    Priest heal the tankers when needed.
    Others attack ONLY when the dragon’s aggro is on Paladin.

    Dragon Dive: Immediately run to the side of the map facing dragon’s belly to avoid getting hit.

    Phase 4, 14.25 ~ 10.5 HP
    Mercenary cast Devastating Howl & Taunting Howl when your screen is starting to fade.

    Ice Claw: There will be Homing Ices that decrease movement speed on hit. Priest cast Cure Relic to avoid getting slowed and sucked into Black Hole / Rotating Breath.
    Rotating Breath: Occurs every 90 seconds.

    12x HP onward:
    Black Hole: Run outward to avoid 1 hit KO.
    Frostbite: Most likely will hit on Main Tank. Paladin (Sub Tank) cast Smite on Main Tank to break through the ice. Warrior can also break the ice using physical attacks if needed.

    Phase 5, 10.5 HP ~ 5.25 HP
    Dps stay at the Tip of the tail of the dragon.
    movement should be on the perimeter of the map to avoid side breath
    Ice Flakes: Same as before. Black eye will appear on someone. Split into 3 teams.
    Rotating Breath: Occurs at 9.25, 7.25 & 5.25 HP.
    Side Dragon Breath: Stay near the tail of the dragon.
    Purple Rain Aka Bombs: Look at the sky and keep moving assign a few path for teams to move
    Always be alert to look out for the tail sweep, blink /dodge timingly to avoid

    *7.25 hp ~ 5.25 hp (Feint Stage)

    Take note at this stage the dragon will fake you when he fly watch the dragon or if better listen to his skill if you already mastered it

    Final Phase, 4.25 HP ~ Dead:
    Fixed attack pattern.
    Ice Flakes => Frontal Breath => Dragon Dive

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