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    Trader Tips (making gold out of TH)


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    Trader Tips (making gold out of TH) Empty Trader Tips (making gold out of TH)

    Post  Whunter on Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:41 pm

    Guys as u all know neither am I very skilled, nor am i good in sDN. So i thought the only thing i can contribute is my humble Trading skills on how I make gold using TH. But i make a disclaimer, similiar all tradings, profits ARE NOT GUARANTEED. It largely depends on luck, experience in TH items and of cos, cherry credits' spoon feeding events.

    Whenever u put up an item (without TH tix), it costs u 1% of ur selling price. When it is sold, another 3% selling tax is taken. (This 3% tax applies even WITH TH tix). If u decide to be a trader, TH tix is a must, for adjusting prices. (TH tix is available using DNP, so u might not need to spend real cash)
    Simple rule of thumb in ANY TH SALES- PM the seller FIRST, ask to lower the price. The key here is u must let the seller trade outside TH so that he saved the 3% tax. As for how much discount u have to figure out your own "worth of item"

    Basic gold making
    I call this basic because i can use it even if i only have 100g or so.
    i)Buy and resell- simpliest method of all. Taking into consideration the 3% tax, if u find an item cheaper than usual, just buy and resell. My theory is, even if it makes only 5g, its still gold. But the criteria is, u MUST be very sure that u can sell that item off at a profit (eg of such sure-sell item is comet dust, main weps). This is not recommended for those without TH tix.

    ii) Buy lvl 40b/32b main weps to diss and make dust to sell- I use this method to earn most of my gold when i was poor. basically 1 dust can sell for abt 50sil, and if the cost price (buying wep from TH) of making dust is lower than selling the acquired dust, then its worth it. For Eg. a 40b wep cost 15g in TH, and average of 7 agates (abt 0.6x7=4.2g) to +5 it, ur cost price is 19g. after dissemble, it gives u 60 dust, which is worth abt 30g. u make 11g.
    [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
    This link has a complete table of the wep-to-dust ratio. go see if u r interested in this method. I do not recommend epic weps bcos they have additional cost while enhancing (may go up to 1g per +, compared to 7sil for blues)BEAR IN MIND IT IS NOT 100% SUCCESS IN GETTING DUST. you might get some lame spirals which ur 19g investment go to waste. My secret trick is, put MAX 2 weps to diss at 1 time, try to put "different classes of wep", and once u put in, WAIT for a few secs before pressing.

    iii) Try your luck on spiral pouches- similiar to (ii), only difference is u use the dust to exchange pouches and try ur luck for +9/+10.
    [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
    Try this link if u r interested. I dont not recommend this method unless u r alrdy quite rich to afford the risk.

    Advanced gold making
    You have to have a certain amount of capital before u can start this kind of investment. Not recommended for beginners.
    i) Try +ing +12/+13 40b main weps- buy abt 15-20 40b main weps, and tons of ordinary agates. Then find a "quieter blacksmith" such as mana ridge/pairie town. This is to facilitate easier "channel change". My method of enhancing is make every wep to +3 first (100%), then slowly rotate weps to make all +6. From there, + all to +7. If it fails, reduces, or broke, i will change channel to continue enhancing. Once a wep is "smooth" (i.e get from +3-+6 without fail) i will 1 shot +3x (for eg. +7-+10) it, until it fails/breaks(cc again). The only chance to make big money is get +12 (27 stamps, can sell for abt 3.5k)/+13 (4 comet tails or 17-19k)
    There are many "beliefs" in enhancing, but tbh i think its a random thing... TakeaChill is a pro in this field, if u guys r interested can consult him Smile

    ii) Buyout method- I have only tried this method once, and it requires ALOT of gold and patience, and hope CC dont troll u by creating events. How it works is, find an item with only 1-2 pages in TH (e.g. Manti Shoulder,my successful story) Basically just buy all of them at eg.300g and empty TH. reput the price as high as u want. e.g. 900g. Set a base line and constantly monitor TH for that item. For eg. if shoulder drops under 500g, buy all below 500g. After sometime, the NEW price will be 500g. and when u release ur "stock", do it slowly so that u wont self-destruct" the price. This method is not recommend bcos i) unless this item is a necessity,i.e. ppl MUST need it for some reason, ii) CC may throw an event n give free, then u gg.

    iii) "Forsee the future"- You must be quick and sharp in order to use this method to "catch hold" of the events opportunity. E.g. Avengers Title event. Requirement : Do all chaos = abundant fragments of subtle/ambigious = drop in fragment prices = stock up. Once event over, wait to release your stock slowly. Again, event-dependent.

    iv) "Buy,pot,sell" - buy anything (best if prices are alrdy lower than market rate) that u have extra codes, pot and resell. even u get lousy pot, as least the item can sell off at a "base price". Again this method very luck based.

    Okie this is basically all i can think of now... If I have more ideas i will edit here.

    Remember, to play TH needs alot of patience,time and gold. Start with things that u r familiar with, eg. warrior items etc. There are millions of items u can search, buy and sell. Plates, Weps, Accessories, Dust,Sun spark, fragments, even Stamps, Jellys. Sometimes if u r lucky enough, u might find items put wrong price then u really kio durian lol...

    Ok if anyone has inputs feel free to contribute! happy trading!

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