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    My Priest build and stats (in fb also)


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    My Priest build and stats (in fb also) Empty My Priest build and stats (in fb also)

    Post  xxPappyzz on Wed Jul 25, 2012 9:34 am

    I will be sharing with u all my priest stats and build.
    IGN: xxPappyzz (Going For Saint)
    HP: 73k (Avengers Title) 69k (Casali Raiser)
    M atk: 4471(Avengers title) 4010 (Casali Raiser) - i don use healthy now
    M def: 6172
    Title: Avengers Of Lagendia
    Equipments: Sufiix:
    Apo Galero +9 (str int hp) Int
    Apo Armor +10 (agi int hp) Int
    Manti Trousers +9 (int vit hp) Int
    Manti Cuff +9 (str int hp) Will
    Manti Shoes +9 (str int hp) Int
    Manti Wand +10 ( matk agi int) Int
    Manti Shield +10 ( matk agi int) Magic Power

    Wise sylvie ana necklace (str vit hp) healthy sylvie ana necklace (agi vit hp)
    Skill sylvie earring_int stat ( int vit hp ) Skill = Healing Relic
    Skill sylvie ana ring_full matk ( matk str int) Skill = Striking
    Magician sylvie ana ring (matk str int

    Heraldy: ( All Epic )
    Lvl 40 Wise ( No 3rd stat )
    Lvl 40 Tent ( No 3rd stat )
    Lvl 40 Magician ( No 3rd stat )
    Lvl 40 Health ( No 3rd stat )
    Lvl 32 Life vit ( No 3rd stat )
    Lvl 32 Commitment (59-59 matk)
    Lvl 40 Impact (59-59 matk)
    Lvl 40 Redemption (59-59 matk)

    Skill Heraldy:
    Miracle Relic 12% CD
    Healing Relic 20% CD
    Heal 12% CD ( Not recommended heal rate better, i bought the wrong one)
    Lightning Relic 20%

    Cash costume:
    =Full white paladin set=
    -Hairstyle = Int
    -Armor = Int
    -Trousers = Int
    -Cuff = Vit
    -Shoes = Vit
    =Brown Archangel Wings +2 all stats and 10% movement speed=
    =Lucky Star Earring +300mp(bought wrong one)=
    =White fox tail 2.0% - 2.0% and 2% mp recovery=
    =Right bandage decal 10-10 Matk and Patk 1% def 1% mdef=
    = x2 Shiny Emerald Ring with +14 Int=

    My skill build:
    My strking is level 4 with the skill ring and my Healing Relic is level 7 with the Earring
    Full support Priest:
    ( All the builds are from my own thinking )
    Priest maybe a cleric but its not a pala, it will hurt if u get hit.
    Always care about other members more then urself.
    Miracle Relic is for PROTECTION! Not for dps-ing.
    Always make sure u continuosly buff ur members
    And always make sure no one dies unless u are dead Very Happy

    Sorry if i wasted ur time Very Happy

    Feel free to edit anyting u think that is wrong Very Happy
    I will update this if i made any changes

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