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    For T2 eyes Empty For T2 eyes

    Post  YunaLeow on Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:24 am

    When Im not around, please re-elect a leader so that T2 can still continue have runs.
    Basically T2's line-up is as follows:
    Main T& Sub T: Blancos, TheShield
    Priests : Humiliator(if he is ard)/Staco(to sub humi if he is not around), pappy
    FU : Lavelle
    Dps : Normally its me, but sub me with another guy if im not ard, & TakeAChill(if he is ard, ElementalGal can sub as dps)
    Merc : Jrewa

    Note: Humi is always Priest 1 and pappy Priest 2. If anyone sub in for humi he will be 1, likewise for pappy's sub (become priest 2)

    STAGE 1
    Leader please rmb to see whether sub T is needed to go down and help provoke because sometimes we cleared the 3rd wave faster than MT's cd.
    Priests are already in auto-MR mode, so there is nth much to do here.

    STAGE 2
    Leaders please indicate who press which button before boarding the ship. If its the button-pressing stage, be attentive to the order. If its poison stage, please dun "keh kiang", stay at the RIM of the island. Watch out for each other's HP.

    STAGE 3
    Leaders form ur party up before entering the portal, if everyone is the same as previous runs, then fk it. Go in, TIME for 40 sec after the cutscene and every 25 sec call for "BACK". 1st MR usually cast in 3rd bar then Lavelle will TA. Likewise for 2nd and last bar, all nid to have at least one MR. Last bar whichever tank pulling the aggro on DA to prevent getting knocked down. Jrewa cast SA buff for the others whenever needed.

    STAGE 4
    Everyone go in kill the shadows, MT and Sub T must rmb to make cerb face the wall. Leaders take note when tanks have lost their aggro. If possible, stay at the sides to dps. Priests use MR whenever the situation arises or simply when Lavelle tells u to. For priests ur main job is not to dps but to watch out for party members' HP and heal if needed.

    STAGE 5
    For mino stage, everyone eyes on the boss and do not over commmit when whacking the sticks. When the aura is broken, kill the remaining bulls and heal up. Once ready Priest 1 activate MR, Jrewa on HL the 2 tanks proceed forward. The rest run around to dodge the stampede. When dealing dmg to the boss, tanks make boss face the other way from the dps-ers, dps-ers stay far away from the boss after the 3x bar comes to prevent urself from being forced to sing and dance. At 1x bar there might be another stampede so Priests take note MR if needed, the rest watch and dodge.

    For lizard stage, Priest 2 is always with Sub T while the others are the "strong lizard grp". Wait for EL's ulti to be done then enter the portal. Identify the lizards and pull them out separately. Leaders watch out for party members HP and tell priests to heal them up. Watch up for lizards' HP also, once reached "biting point" stop and "lepak" around while sticking close to the lizard. When they do a last dig, all gather the lizard and deal one times good one dmg to them.

    STAGE 6
    Leaders time for 6 min, while reporting to the team mates every 1 min. 5 min everyone wake up, 5 30 everyone buff up, and then 10 sec countdown. T2 will deplete 1/2 of Monta's 1st HP bar in the 1st 6 min then go back and relax at the corner. For edwin, its normal to see him always near monta, so dun scold him or smth during my absence. Once Jrewa debuffed Monta, EL go for a simple ice stack then ulti, the rest get ready to go up slope, then Monta will just nice activate the 1st aoe. Watch out for mass vine though. The rest are quite repetitive so I won't bother to say much. Make sure everyone's HP and mana are good to go before entering the portal. Those need do last min changes to the eq change now, that includes toilet & smoke breaks.

    NOTE: Priests will look out for team mates' HP and heal if needed. ONLY JREWA is allowed to stay at the bottom when u guys go up because he will break u all if tio mass vine. But still rmb to come up to the platform when aoe comes though.

    PHASE 1
    Leaders time for 43sec and reset timing after his breath stops. With the current dps power, we can down it within 3 "backs", so 1st MR casted during the 1st "back", 2nd MR cast during our 2nd "back". TA whenever necessary. Blancos will be the last to go back as he is the one provoking the dragon. So don't be alarmed when he always last min side step into the MR. Heal up, let EL regen the mana back and listen to a pre-ops brief by the leader before entering the portal. Once entered, don't talk much.

    PHASE 2
    The 3 sorceress are usually the ones taking the cannon, or if there isn't 3 sorceress, its usually the 3 main dps-ers. Celine is normally at cannon 5 and Im usually at cannon 1 to faciliate the warnings for spikes, ice, meteors and the final dive. The rest behind there are some spots whereby monsters will not spawn. Ask edwin, jack or celine for details. Otherwise after final meteor wave 3rd cannoner go back overlap. When dive cannoners please warn the others of the impending doom so that they are better prepared.

    PHASE 3 ]16.25-9.25]
    Everyone do not attack until MT and subT gets into their position and dragon provoked. Attack at the hind leg and do not over commmit due to surprise dives and ice claws. Leaders please sound off the more damaging attacks so that the others can break off their combos and run back. Over-committers usually include david and qy if they sub in as dps. 14.4 warn the others of RB, 14.25 trigger all go to the rectum and press TAB hug his body. Jrewa will howl the dragon, leader time ur 90 sec when he starts to fly up. Every 50 sec sound of for "RB in 30 sec" and subsequently "20 sec" and "10 sec". Rinse and repeat. At 10.5 there might be a RB, there might not be, but just in case time and warn others until 10th bar is depleted. Tanks help each other whenever needed. TheShield don't always stand too far. Likewise for Blancos smite TheShield if he tio ice age instead of you. The rest of the pt watch out for any tank's ice age. If anyone is unable to reach the other in time, throw gravity balls over. Otherwise, watch out for blackhole. If blancos perfect his provoke, there wun be too much blackholes to worry about. Get ready for 9.25 RB.

    NOTE: Priest will not take part in dps, your job is to stand outside tail whip range and go in to heal or cast any relic + grand cross and then come out. Primary objective: make sure dps-ers stay alive longer than u do. For Humi, jack's jobs is usually the "sub sub tank". Your job is to observe the 2 tanks at all times and run over heal them if needed. U can take part in watever we are doing to the dragon's anus but same as the Priest 2, stay out of range. This job u can ask jack for specific details.

    PHASE 4 ]9.25-7.25]
    Leaders watch out for the dragon and sound off whether is it bombs or dive. The others, especially those over committers and priests, please run back to safe spots early. DPS for a short 5sec before u stop and observe. IF nothing, continue to dps for another 5 sec. Stop if u see dragon fly up. Get ready for 7.25 rotating breath.

    NOTE: Left team-> Jrewa, Lavelle, Humi/Jack
    Right team-> Edwin, david, me (whoever sub anyone takes up their posts and running area too)
    The tanks team-> Blancos, TheShield (overlap if u 2 are too close to each other and too slow to run to safe spots, otherwise go to yest those locations, its good enough)
    The 2 priests running route will be along the edges of the map, Jrewa and me will take the left and right front legs respectively, and Celine and david will take the left and right hind legs respectively. No one is allowed to overlap each other's routes.

    PHASE 4.5 ]7.25-5.25]
    For overlapping spots, jack or celine will lead the left side, edwin will lead the right side. This stage everyone must only atk at the tip of the tail, and walk only along the edges of the map. As usual, do not over commit and see what the dragon is doing. Only drop relic at the tail, otherwise only heal is allowed elsewhere. Watch out for changes in safe spots.
    Fly + arch backwards = dive
    Fly + open up his claws (no smoke)= bombs
    Fly + hover in mid air fking long (no smoke) and then open up claws (might have eyes though) = still bombs
    Fly + hover in mid air (blacksmoke) + eyes on us = ice flakes

    The third one is called the feint. If dps fast enough the dragon will only do once. If suay, do twice or trice. When ice flakes is cast, DO NOT touch ur keyboards at all. After the 4th wave of ice flakes, dragon will frontal breath. DPS-ers stay away from the upper half of his body. After the breath then adjust urself to be in the safe spot for dive. This is the 3 combo. Ice> Frontal breath> Dive. MT and SUBT take note, aggro must not be lost here already. DPS fast, but be observant to the surroundings. Listen to raidcall, the leader will shout out the dragon's nxt move. Get ready for 5.25 RB

    PHASE 5 - the pig head mode
    dragon will 3 hit combo all the way, with ice claw and ice age in between. If aggro lost, the tail will be very active and that is what caused my death. So tanks take note. Stay calm and DUN MOVE IN THE ICE FLAKES, the dragon is ours. Still only dps at the tail though. Don't run around like your grandfather own the road.

    Leaders have a very important job, you must observe the dragon and at the same time observe our own team mates HP + time the RB or watnots. Some may get carried away and deal dps, but if those ppl hp are low, please tell them to stay near the priests (who are in the safe zones) and they are so called the medic-on-sight and will heal u. After 9.25 only the leader or celine, the tanks shld talk. The rest if want to talk only say important stuff pertaining to healing or stuff like "I ice stack u ulti". Otherwise I hope this guide will help T2 to safely clear SDN with 8 people. If you guys want to play Time Attack, refer to Chronicles video. Otherwise, that's all I can say and I will not be very active soon. jiayous to future T2 =)

    Never rush things. Calm down, assess the situation, evaluate your thoughts, execute the action.

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