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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Sea Dragon Phase 3 - 4


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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Sea Dragon Phase 3 - 4 Empty Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Sea Dragon Phase 3 - 4

    Post  Aspenach on Fri Aug 10, 2012 4:34 pm

    Hi guys and we have come to the hardest part of the Sea Dragon Nest, which is Phase 3 to 4.
    Below is a video commentary guide to share with you what to do during Phase 3 and 4.

    [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

    Pala Team = 2 Paladins / 1 Pala (Main T) and 1 Priest
    DPS Team = The remaining members

    From 15 - 14.25HP Bar
    Its basically free kill for all members. The team can take this time to brief the members of the formation and running paths to avoid the Purple Rain aka Bombs at 9.25HP.

    Dragon Skills:
    i) Dive
    The Dragon will lift off and do a backward motion before breathing ice down the central path where the DPS team has been attacking. The key to avoiding is to run to the left or right side of the Dragon facing its belly. That will be your Safe Dive Location. However, this safe spot will constantly change with respect to the Dragon so please take note of where the Dragon is at all times.

    ii) Ice Claw
    The Dragon raises its paw and slams to the ground following by a trail of homing ice that targets the DPS team and the Sub Tank.
    Please learn to totally avoid the ice claw unless MR is present. The safe place to avoid homing ice claw is run to the Safe Dive Location.
    If you are hit, the Ice Claw will deal tons of damage and also inflict slow status on you.

    Lethal Combo : Ice Claw followed by Dive = GG

    At 14.25HP
    First Rotating Breath will occur.
    The Sea Dragon will do an attack that inflict slow motion on all characters. Merc, once you experience this please use "Relieve" and follow by "Havoc Howl" on the Dragon. You can stop attacking at 15HP bar and try to keep yourself as close to the Dragon as possible.

    After Havoc Howl is used, the DPS team all need to run to the tail of the Dragon. In the event that the aggro is lost, the Rotating Breath will turn toward the DPS Team and the DPS team would need to do their best to run for their lives.

    After this is done, Rotating Breath will occur at every 90s and triggered at HP bar (9.25HP, 7.25HP, 5.25HP)
    Get someone to time so the merc will need to know when to stop attacking and get close to the Dragon.

    At 13HP onwards
    Dragon Skills:
    i) Black Hole
    Black Hole will be cast when the person with the aggro is not staying at the edge of the map. In most of the case, it will be the Pala who has the aggro. The Pala can stay at the edge of the map and "Provoke" to gain aggro of the Dragon without having to move forward at all. The key to provoking is an art and you need to time yourself accordingly. A safe timing would be when the Dragon is recovering from an action it just cast. For e.g. The Dragon pecks at you, dodge the Peck / Block it and when its recovering, "Provoke" the dragon.

    When the Dragon cast Black Hole, it will spit a dark matter in front of it sucking in everything near it. When team members encounter suction, keep running.
    Another Lethal Combo here is Ice Claw followed by Black Hole = GG

    ii) Ice Age
    There will be a gust of wind that pushes all team members outwards, follow by the person with aggro been frozen. All members should use your armor breaking skills to save the members that is being frozen. Most of the time Palas will be the one with aggro and by casting "Divine Avatar" will prevent you from being frozen.

    Sacrificial targets can also be used to prevent yourself been frozen. You will need to align yourself and the Sacrificial item to the Dragon so that the item is frozen instead of you. Sacrificial items include Relics, Hounds or tentacles. *Take note do not be too close to your item as you might get frozen together".

    Once the Dragon reaches 10HP bar, the time triggered Rotating Breath will cease to exist.

    At 9.25HP
    Dragon now has some new skills:
    i) Purple Rain aka Bombs
    The Dragon will hover in the air and open his tiny arms in an outstretch animation before casting Bombs. To avoid bombs, 4 Running Paths should be set in advance so each member knows where to run. As for the clerics, its advisable to on your "Block" or run at the edge of the map.

    Formation wise, its highly recommended that the DPS team is split into 2 teams with one on the right and one on the left.
    This is to ensure more running space to avoid the Bombs.

    At 7.25HP
    DPS Team need to organise themselves at the tip of the Dragon's Tail to continue attacking the Dragon. This is an effort to prevent Side Breathe in the event that aggro is lost from Main Tank.

    The Dragon itself will enter into the infamous Feint Mode.
    Basically when the Dragon flies, there is a possibility of it casting either Bombs or Ice Flakes.

    i) Side Breath
    Dragon will cast Side Breath on either of its sides and the only way to avoid this is to stay at the edge of the circumference.
    Please take note whenever running back after the Ice Flake 3 combo as some members would wanna cut to the centre for a shorter path to the Dragon's Tail.

    Suggested Formation once the Dragon took to the air.
    - Pala Team : Both Palas overlap
    - Left Side DPS Team : 2 members and 1 Priest overlap (Take marking from the left hind leg of the Dragon)
    - Right Side DPS Team : 2 members and 1 Priest overlap (Take marking from the right hind leg of the Dragon)

    i) Ice Flakes
    Eye will be cast on some or all members of the party before 4-5 wave of ice will land on the member. The animation to watch out for is it will push his tiny hands downwards. Anyone within the ice flake will be safe and anyone outside within range of the ice flake will take massive amount of damage.

    If eyes are cast on you immediately overlap with your designated team. If Ice Flake is cast, it will be a 3 Skill Combo.
    Skill 1 : Ice Flake
    Skill 2 : Frontal Breath
    - Pala team please run to the edge of the map where the Dragon is facing.
    Skill 3 : Dive
    - Run to your usual Safe Dive Location with respect to the Dragon.

    5.25HP - The Last Rotating Breath

    4.25HP - Pig Head Mode
    There will be no more Bombs when the Dragon took to the air. The Dragon will stupidly cast the Ice Flake Combo till it dies.
    Basically the dragon will be yours once this stage is reached. Just be patient and "Guardian" will be yours soon!

    I will update this guide from time to time once i find new tactics but as for now I think this would be sufficient to aid you in your journey to down the Sea Dragon. Very Happy

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