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    My EL SDN Stats and some guidance to Fellow ELs


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    My EL SDN Stats and some guidance to Fellow ELs Empty My EL SDN Stats and some guidance to Fellow ELs

    Post  Pele.aka.Jackal on Sat Jul 14, 2012 2:19 am

    IGN: Pele
    HP: 70.5k
    M atk: 4113
    M def: 3876
    Final Damage: 775 (81%)
    Fire: 32%
    Ice: 16%
    Title: Guardian (+30 all stats. 20 mp recovery, 50patk, 70matk)

    Manti Tiara +11 (Int Vit Hp)[Mana]
    Manti Robe +13 (Int Vit Hp)[HP]
    Manti Tights +11 (Int Vit Hp)[HP]
    Manti Muff +11 (Int Vit Hp)[HP]
    Manti Heels +11 (Int Vit Hp)[HP]
    Manti Crystal Ball +12 (Int Fire Ice)[Intellect]
    Manti Staff +11 (Int Fire Ice)[Intellect]

    Discipline Apo Earring (Int Vit Hp)
    Discipline Apo Necklace (Int Vit Hp)
    Revelation Apo Ring x 2 (Agi Int Fire)

    Heraldy(All Epic)
    Lvl 40 Wise (59-59 matk)
    Lvl 40 Shining (59 FD)
    Lvl 40 Magician (40 Vit)
    Lvl 40 Health (43 Int)
    Lvl 40 Life vit (59-59 matk)
    Lvl 40 Fatal (43 Int)
    Lvl 40 Mana (59 FD)
    Lvl 40 Ultimate (43 Int)

    Skill Heraldy
    Fireball 20% Damage
    Flame Road 20% Damage
    Fiery Vortex 20% Damage
    Fire Shield 15% Reduce damage

    Cash costume
    =Deep Red Petel Set=
    -=Full Int Stats=-
    -=Brown Archangel Wing +2 all Stats 10% Movespeed=-
    -=Lucky Star Earring +300hp=-
    -=White fox tail 2.0% - 2.0% and 2% mp recovery=-
    -=Right bandage decal 10-10 Matk and Patk 1% def 1% mdef=-
    -=Mysterious CatEye Ring +15Vit=-

    My skill build

    Additional Note:
    -=Ice Stacking=-
    Rules of ice stacking highest lvl learning of -resist ice skill 1st after frost wind
    IE: chilling mist(1st)>Frozen Spike(2nd) and so on so forth end with glacial wave and glacial spikes
    Also current under research is ice burn stacking will post any updates once my findings is confirmed

    Note changes to ice stack that i found
    So current more effective ice stack to increase damage is as follows
    Freezing field > Blink Forward, Flame Spark > Glacial Wave > phoenix Storm > Glacial Spike > blink backwards > Fiery Vortex

    -=Crit Cap=-
    As a fire EL you have a advantage over other class cuz we got Hell Fire which adds
    20%crit +5000Crit
    So how much crit do i need?
    Ans: 4167 = 10k crit for fire skill (more then enough)

    Mp Rec
    Well many EL had asked me how to mantain high mp regen during sdn raid
    most important thing is change ur title to Shattered Rocks with Bare Hands it add 20 to mp rec also below is a link to some explaination so you urself judge whether to use energy plate or mana plate

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