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    Yuna's saleana build


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    Yuna's saleana build Empty Yuna's saleana build

    Post  YunaLeow on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:58 am

    note that i might be changing my fireshield lvl 3 to lvl 1 and firewall up to watever max possible. Not getting dual ulti becos i believe mobility while dealing dmg is still essential for an EL. + those 2 ice skills are good for breaking SA so no harm done. The 3rd job page i no nid to show u all. Its confirm standard among all saleanas. I oso simply dun care and I might be using a skill reset at lvl 50 depending on how much extra sp i have left.

    Yuna's saleana build Saleana1
    feel free to comment on my build. Cos there isnt a right or wrong in this kind of stuff.

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