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    ViciousJia's Hybrid Moonlord Build


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    ViciousJia's Hybrid Moonlord Build

    Post  ViciousJia on Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:12 am

    Hi all, firstly this build follows my playstyle closely.

    I would recommend a hybrid build which in my opinion does more dps over time.

    I realise that I have a relatively high physical damage that's why i decided to choose the hybrid way.

    I decided to max rage & half moon slash due to it's immense damage output.

    I didn't add Infinity Edge because I prefer fighting mid-range & sp could be placed somewhere else better.

    Rising Slash lvl 11 just for extra dps ; nothing else to add.

    At first i was reluctant to add Flash Stance, But it is a cancelable skill & Can prove to be a

    Useful far range attack skill. I currently do not have any 3rd stat on my heraldry plates.

    Is debatable on Moon Blade Dance "damage or cooldown" plate , player preference I suppose.

    Skill Build

    My gears


    My stats

    That's it for my build summary, I'll update it's content whenever

    I make changes to my build. I thank you personally for reading my

    Build & sorry for the long post Razz I'll be going for ancient totem set.

    I'm also aiming for a 0 fd build with green dragon set in the future.

    Feel free to question anything about my build.

    Peace out,

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