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    My Support Physician's Build


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    My Support Physician's Build Empty My Support Physician's Build

    Post  Pele.aka.Jackal on Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:09 am

    Keke finally the 1st physician in guild is born

    Sharing my support Physician build, for acadamic class skill is up to own prefernce but do note you only capable to spent up to 46pt in academic if you are upping love virus to lvl 2.

    So far the feedback from sacrifice is that it is almost non noticeable thus i did not waste pt there as slime is ur utmost constant dps and debuff.

    Note that most dps skill are not max but kept to lvl6 for the damage growth, cuz alchemist basically is a spammer class, so its best to spread the pt into many skill then to having few skill with max lvl, thus making you a more versatile class.

    Dual Ulti for some reason, 1st lvl50 dungeon has more dark resist monster damage over time is higher, 2nd Incicle Expression AOE is larger with slow, and also Poison Pool is there to replace if met with ice resist monster, I.E SDN

    Last but not least, physician are not meant to be mainframe dpser, its a support class with a gd punch, if you are looking for a DPS alchem should consider going adept, the ice bean damage is WOW, but i leave the dps to my Saleana.

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