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    Windwalker builds and guides Empty Windwalker builds and guides

    Post  QwertyArch* on Wed Sep 26, 2012 3:38 am

    This is my current build for windwalker . (FULL PVE)

    Windwalker builds and guides Skillb12

    I will explain those important skills why i max some of them and why i leave some of them at 1 .

    Twin shot vs Multi shot
    I prefer Twin shot compared to multi shot because of the cd , 5 secs and 14 secs respectively. The cd ratio is almost 3:1 , that means you can use twin shot 3 times while using multi shot once ! For the damage output over 15 secs , twin shot will definitely win over multi shot . But twin shot is only able to hit 1 target mostly while multi shot can hit more then 1 target . You can leave twin shot at 16 while multi shot at 6 .

    Maxed for Hp and MP as well as MP recovery

    Not really high dps so leave it at one. If you are going tempest you will need to max it for the EX .

    Binding shot
    Leave it at 1 , its not doing any good dps . It just helps you pulls the mobs for a double somersault kick combo .

    Double somersault kick
    I max this for dps . This skills can trigger alot of times whenever you cast binding shot OR whenever the enemies are stunned . For those who wants to invest on other skills , you can either leave it at 1 or 6 .

    Spiral vortex
    This skill is every acrobats favorite skill ! Deals decent damage with decent AOE . MAX IT or leave it at 6 .

    Spirit shot
    This is a magic atk skill , it depends on how you play your character. For me , i just use spiral kick all the way instead of spiral kick and spirit shot.
    If you use spirit shot alot , you can try to put it at 11 , if not leave it at 1.

    Air pounce
    A pretty good skill to invest . Windwalker normally end up in the air while casting skills . Leave it at 6 for EXTRA 2 jumps which gives you a total of 5 jumps ! Awesome isn't it ?

    Eagle dive
    A high damage and decent AOE skill . I heard that the next EX skill for windwalker is Eagle dive . So either you leave it at 1 or you go for 6 .

    Spiral kick
    This is the skill why every acrobat decides to be windwalker ! Deals enormous damage when showtime and spirit boost is activated . Max it for EX skill , extra damage or leave it at 11 in order to invest other skills .

    Blooming kick
    This skills increases stun% whenver the level is gone up by 1 . So either you leave it at 1 or you max it for max % stun . This skills is also a good combo for double somersault kick .

    Cyclone kick
    A good DPS skill especially for bosses . MAX it or leave it at 6 .

    Spiral Edge
    A must add skill in order to advance to windwalker's skills. Good damage and AWESOME AOE !

    For Windwalker skills
    Max them all Smile


    For FD SETS , i suggest you go for 3 GIGANTES SET , 2 TOTEM SET , 2 VICTOR SET . This is the max fd you can get from sets ! If you are not a PVP player ,i suggest you get 3 GIGANTES SET and 4 TOTEM SET .

    For CRITICIAL SETS , the 1k critical from 5 GIGANTES SET is helpful . The remaining 2 you can either go for Totem set or Victor set .

    Best is AGI/VIT/HP for all your armor and acess , the least is to have AGI/HP . For weapons , try to get 1 17% critical with ATK POWER/AGI . If you are unable to get critical for your weapon , you can try rings ! 17% critical is needed when you are unable to reach critical cap. If you are able to hit , you can get ATK POWER/AGI for your rings and weapons .

    Wind - Adds agility
    Fatal - Adds critical
    Destruction - Adds atk power
    Ultimate - Adds FD (If you are not going for FD this is unnecessary for you)
    Health - Adds vitality
    Life - Adds max HP
    Shining - Adds defense
    Tent - Adds magic defense

    About the 3rd STATS , i leave it to you because there aren't any fix 3rd stats you must get , its flexible .

    Spiral vortex - 50% action speed
    Double somersault kick - 20% damage (if you use this a lot)
    Spirit boost - 12% cooldown
    Spiral kick - 20% damage
    Cyclone kick - 20% damage

    The first 4 are my skill plates
    ADD INFO = 12% cooldown and 20% damage for spiral kick . I chose 20% damage because we have spirit boost and showtime for maximum cooldown . If you still choose 12% cooldown , what will you do if other damage skills finishes their cooldown ? Once again its your choice Smile

    Ever since the suffix change , HP has become less useful . So i decided to go full wind .

    MITTENS - HP ( Why hp ? Because you wont wanna craft mana to get hit in order to gain MP and furthermore HP stats are the best )

    My skill build is not yet perfect due to some mistakes i have made .

    If you still have any doubts , feel free to ask for help Smile

    Happy Playing !
    QwertyArch Smile

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