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    Guild War coming soon


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    Guild War coming soon

    Post  bbnash on Fri Jul 13, 2012 11:56 am

    Ok guys the previous post i tried to post about Guild War failed cuz cant include links. So I'll re-post again. It will be quite long but i'll try to make it short and simple. So bear with me k?

    All these info were taken from Freedom Guild. But our server is SEA so maybe there will be slight difference.

    There are 3 phases in Guild War

    1. Registration of Guild war: First 7 days - performed by Guild Master
    2. Preliminary Selection : Next 7 days - complete various guild war achievements to gain points.
    3. Guild War & Rewards: Subsequent 7 days - Top 16 guilds with the highest points in Preliminary Selection Round are qualified for guild war. Guild war shop will be open, and various items can be exchange with Guild Celebration Points.


    The conditions for participation
    -As long as there is one person in the guild, you can register your guild (guild master is counted as well, so yeah, u go create one guild n u can register already)
    -After applied, cant cancel.
    -After registration is completed, all participating guilds will be divided into 2 groups, red team and blue team.

    Do take note that a few restrictions will be imposed on participating guilds.
    - Registration of Guild war: Members are NOT allow to leave guilds. Guild Masters are NOT allowed to evict members from the guilds.
    - Preliminary Selection : Players are NOT allowed to join any participating guilds.
    - Guild War & Rewards: Players are NOT allowed to join any participating guilds.


    How to register? (for GM)
    1. Talk to guild npc
    2. Select 'register for guild war'
    3. Confirm with 'yes'
    4. Guild will be assigned to either red team or blue team

    *As long as we participate in the preliminary round, we will gain guild score as our guild member complete all sorts of achievements listed. If our guild is ranked top 16 in terms of guild score, we will be qualified to the real guild war. Very Happy

    At the end of the preliminary selection phase, those score will be converted to Guild Celebration Points, which can be used to purchase various items from the Guild War Shop. The scores of the Red and Blue teams will be compared at the end of the preliminary rounds. The guilds in the winning faction, be it Red or Blue, will gain double amount of Guild Celebration Points.


    Preliminary Round
    1. Guild Achievement list can be found in [L], last tab, 3rd option.
    2. Once the achievement is completed, Guild War Score is obtained. All achievements are repeatable so spam spam and spam. Very Happy
    3. Guild War Score will affect the qualification of our guild into the real guild war ( top 16) and also the winning of your faction (blue or red teams). After the preliminary rounds are completed, the Guild war Score will be converted to Guild Celebration Points.
    4. Guild Celebration Point can be used to purchase various items from Guild War Shop (gems, crafting materials, code etc)


    Guild War
    1. Rewards will be given out to all participating guilds after the guild war battle.
    2. Aside from the winning guilds. all other guilds which qualify for top 16 also entitle to various other rewards.
    3. The rewards will not only be given to the members who physically participate in the guild war, but also to other guild members in the same guilds who do not join the war. that means everyone in guild will have the reward also.
    4. Guild War Fashion has no level restriction and can be equipped at any level.


    1. Guild War Fashion and Mount (Cavalry) - time limit: 25 days.
    Guild war fashion 8 set bonus:
    - Phy & mag attack +8%
    - str,agi,int,vit +8%
    - Max HP & MP + 10%
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    2. Special Emote/Gesture
    - time limit: until the next winner of guild war is determined

    3. Guild Farm - time limit: until the next winner of guild war is determined
    - only the winning guild members are allowed to enter the farm.

    4. Keys to Palace Vault (my personal favorite Very Happy)
    - given to winning guilds and other guilds in top 16.
    - the chest inside is the same as the nest hellmode chest (50A accessories etc etc)
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


    How to claim rewards??

    After the preliminary round is over, you can claim your rewards and celebration points from the notice board (2nd tab) beside the Guild NPC.

    Take note that you must claim your rewards within a certain duration after the preliminary ends or else it will be gone.

    You could also check if you have done any Special Prizes on various categories.

    Spend your Guild Celebration Point at the Guild War Shop, which is open by the Guard beside the Guild NPC.

    The cost and the purchase limit are shown in the picture below.

    Purchase limit is the maximum amount of items you may purchase from this shop (for this round).

    It should be noted that there are some new Guild War-related cooking recipes in the shop, which heals Hp , heals Mp, teleports you back to town and revives you instantly on the spot upon death (4000 pts each).
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Check your mail box, and you will receive a "Key to Palace Vault".

    To use it, go to the portal inside the palace, just opposite where Geraint used to stay.

    Use the key to open one of the chest inside.


    For those guilds which are not in the top 16, they can vote for their favorite guild at the guild notice board. By doing so, the guild being voted will rewarded 1k guild celebration points when the voting is over.

    To vote, choose the 2nd option to see all the qualifying top 16 guilds:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    All information above and pictures are taken from FREEDOM guild forum. So credit goes to them. I just simply move it here. Very Happy
    This is my first time becoming a little bit more active in forums, so if there is anything that I did wrong or can improve more please feel free to comment. Very Happy
    Hope EternitY will be one of the top guilds in Springwood. Let us all do our part, more or less will help our guild move towards glory. More powahh to EternitY! Smile

    Sorry for the long post and thank you. Very Happy

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    Re: Guild War coming soon

    Post  TakeAChill on Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:49 am

    Nice one Nash! Yea all avid pvpers do train up 1v1 (in some situations u need) and captain mode etc Haha.

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    Re: Guild War coming soon

    Post  bbnash on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:49 am

    Thanks Very Happy
    I think after t2 kick serpenta's ass I will start to conduct pvp matches among guild members. Either 1v1 or mass pvp. It's better for all guild members who will be participating GW (pvp section) know their roles of using skills that will change the tide of the match in the correct time. Let us be at least in top 16 guild in springwood! Twisted Evil

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    Re: Guild War coming soon

    Post  Pele.aka.Jackal on Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:46 pm

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Wonder if this helps? or is it same as ours

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    Re: Guild War coming soon

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