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    Moonlord Guide by Asnix Empty Moonlord Guide by Asnix

    Post  Asnix on Sat Jul 14, 2012 9:59 am

    Hi, and welcome to my Sword Master guide. Basically my guide just tell you roughly what I add and why. So enjoy reading Very Happy. Also this is my first time writing a guide so please do bear with me. Criticism, Comments and Opinions are welcome.


    - Warrior Skills
    - Sword Master Skills
    - States Plates & Skill Plates
    - Equipment & Suffix
    - Title
    - States
    - Video

    If your wondering how my build looks like. Here it is.

    Warrior Skill

    Impact Punch

    You only want to send your enemy flying leave it at level 1.

    Heavy Slash

    This skill is just awesome. It give's you SUPER ARMOUR temporally. Leave it at level 1.

    Tumble (GROUND)

    Simple explanation as this is your dodging skill. MAX it.

    Elbow Drop

    Just leave this skill at level 1 as it doesn't really do much.

    Rising Slash

    Rising Slash basically to lift your enemy up from the ground to continue your combo etc also it give's invincible frame for 2 - 3 seconds. Add this to 6 to unlock unlock triple slash. Yes I know it only takes 5 to unlock triple slash, BUT at level 6 it gives you extra jump to combo together with aerial combo Laughing.

    Side Kick

    Another combo add-on skill that allows you to juggle your enemy Very Happy. But just leave it at 1. Because you only want to continue combo-ing.

    Drop Kick

    This is your aerial counter. Basically when your in the air right click to send your enemy tripping, and start rampaging. Leave it at 1.

    Sweeping Kick

    Same thing as SIDE KICK. Level 1.

    Impact Wave

    This skill allows you to hit your enemy on the ground and doesn't do much more. Add this to 4 to unlock Moonlight Splitter.

    Surprise Attack

    It give's 100% flinching and armour breaking. Nuff said. Level 1.

    Destructive Swing

    It breaks any SUPER ARMOR! Leave it at 1.


    Say "HELLO" to your farming skill DASH. It give's 140% movement speed. Grab it at each 10 levels. It also give's SUPER ARMOUR temporally.


    Another awesome skill that you wanna put your points into. Basically give's you 15seconds of rampaging/invincibility when your HP hits to 1. MAX it.

    Aerial Evasion (AIR)

    Simple explanation press SPACEBAR and your back on feet in the air. Max it.

    Health Booster

    Simple explanation too. You want more survivablity. MAX it.

    Brush Off

    Also known as your "CLEANSE" as it removes de-buff from you. Just leave it at 3 or optional 4 or you can chose to MAX it if have enough points for the cooldown.

    Mental Fortitude

    Increases your MP at a certain percentage base on level. Max it. Also to unlock Attuned Mind.

    Attuned Mind

    Improve your MP regeneration by a certain percentage base on level. Leave this at level 1.

    Now on to Sword Master build Very Happy

    Sword Master Skill

    Firstly Sword Master has 2 path to choose from but since I'm going for Moonlord I won't go deep into physical skill. Now lets get on with it Very Happy.

    Triple Slash

    Allows you to slash 3 times also gives SUPER ARMOUR. Add this level 1.

    Aerial Combo

    A chain combo of Rising Slash allowing you to continue more hits also if you time it perfectly you can dodge any incoming attack with this as it give's you invincible frame(I be posting a video on this). Throw 1 point into this.

    Forward Thrust

    This skill gives you invincible frame when you step backward. Add 2 level for this.

    Hacking Stance

    Sends you into an "READY TO KILL" position for 5sec and let you move around like a samurai which is awesome Very Happy. Add this lvl 3 to unlock Line Drive.

    Frenzied Charge a.k.a Line Drive

    Your 2nd most out damaging skill. Add 1 level to this as your not a gladiator.


    Block damage simple enough. Add this to 3 to unlock counterslash.


    When you successfully block an attack press basic attack to counter. Add 2 level to this to unlock Counterwave.


    When you successfully block an attack press special attack to send out a single sonic boom. Throw 1 point into this to unlock Parry Stance.

    Parry Stance

    Sends you into godmode for 10seconds allowing you to counter like a boss. Add 1 level.


    Spin your body in 360 direction and reduces enemy SUPER ARMOUR attack rate.Also give's you SUPER ARMOUR temporally when you cast it. 1 level for this.

    Luring Slice

    Your best de-buffing skill you ever want and it also give's SUPER ARMOUR temporally. Leave it at 4 for 40 cap.

    Counter Cross(2nd AIR Aerial Evasion)

    Press basic attack button to send out an "X" shaped sonic boom when your in the air. Nuff said 1 level.

    Dash Slash

    While Dashing press the basic attack button to send out an SUPER ARMOUR BREAKING slash. Throw in 1 point.

    Dash Combo

    After Dash Slash use an attack or tumbling to send out an additional slash. 1 point also.

    Moonlight Splitter

    Your bread and butter skill deals insanely crazy damage even at low level. Max it for 50 cap. And leave it at 3 for 40 cap because you wanna save your SP for other skills.

    Cyclone Slash

    An AoE (Area of Effect) that sends your enemy flying and spinning for afew seconds. It give's invincible frame for 0.5seconds. Add this to level 3 to unlock Crescent Cleave.

    Crescent Cleave

    Also quite an large space occupying AoE skill. This is your boss killer skill. Max it.

    Halfmoon Slash

    Your so called "MINI ULTIMATE" at lvl 32 cap. Halfmoon slash also give insane damage and has a large radius. Also it give's you SUPER ARMOUR temporally. Max it.

    Giant Wave

    Say "HELLO" to your ultimate Giant Wave. This skill has an insanely large radius and damage as it shoot out 6 waves sonic boom. It also give's you SUPER ARMOUR temperally.
    Tip ( Put this skill on your hotkey/Macro press it once or tap 5 times to unleashed 5 sonic boom and additional wave when you press your basic attack button)

    States Plate *

    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-34-00Fri
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-07Thu-1-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-08Thu-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-09Thu-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1318-12-36Fri
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-11Thu-1-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-33-45Fri
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-13Thu-1

    Skill Plates

    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-14Thu-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-15Thu-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-16Thu-1
    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-0202-47-17Thu-1

    Equipment *

    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-29-58FriMoonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-30-01FriMoonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-30-03FriMoonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-30-06FriMoonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-30-09FriMoonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-30-11FriMoonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-02-1719-36-37Fri

    Title *

    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-44-24Fri

    States *

    Moonlord Guide by Asnix DN2012-07-1317-35-03Fri

    Sorry about the space occupying guys lazy to go resize it lol.

    I be posting video of me PVP-ing soon (Still in practice) stay tune.

    That is all my friend I hope this guide helps you Smile. Once Again thanks.

    Asnix a.k.a Ass

    * ( Means Update)

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