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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cannon Islet Stage 1


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    Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cannon Islet Stage 1 Empty Sea Dragon Nest Guide - Cannon Islet Stage 1

    Post  Aspenach on Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:38 am

    Sea Dragon Nest - Cannon Stage

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    For this stage, its pretty simple. All hold on to the cannons and fire away at the incoming mobs.

    Cannon Operation:
    Right Click - Power shot (pushes back the bigger mobs as well)
    Left Click - Normal Shot

    Basic formation:
    Clerics take the cannons of the first row, the rest take those behind.
    Try to let the Clerics take the first row centre cannons so its easier for them to cast MR and bind relic.

    Key Classes to take note:
    - Paladin
    After the 2nd wave of mobs, please go down and provoke the mobs to draw them away from your team mates at the cannon.
    - Priest
    Cast MR to cover all the team mates on cannoners from wave 4 and 5. Cast Bind relic in front of your cannon if you see Pala lost aggro to ensure that the mobs do not proceed to the dps group at the back row. Mobs deal high damage and the most dangerous wave is the 5th wave.

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